Small Purple Daisy Spinner

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 Dimensions 18” tall 7 1/2” wide 

Add beauty and movement to your garden with the Nature in Motion, Balancing Floral Wind Spinners. These beautiful hand-crafted floral wind spinners provide a unique way to add color & motion to your landscape. Multi sizes and colors available. How they work? The underside of the flower has a center point cup that rests on a mini ball atop the sturdy yard stake. Each floral design has been mathematically balanced balances using natures gravity. A gentle breeze will get the flowers spinning. Place several in a pattern at different heights makes a unique and interesting display. They can be used in a large deep planter and lean them out at an angle. Please note* From time to time a high gust of wind will displace the center point or dismount the flower entirely. Please be sure to remove in advance of high winds or storms.