Little golden journals

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Relive your childhood or share a memory with these books turned journals. Such a great gift!!

Nestled between the front and back covers of beloved children's books, you'll find approximately 60 sheets of blank paper (120 sides) and all pages from the original story placed throughout the journal.

The binding may be a different color and come in one or two sections.  24 lb paper in the journals. This heavier paper is ideal for two sided writing and printing. The binding is wire coil and so the book lays open flat for easier writing.

There are so many different ways to use this journal: Gratitude journal, bucket list, places you’ve been, journal of simple joys, back and forth journal with your child, family traditions, travel journal, Sunday journal, or the teacher signing the journal at the end of each year.
From birthday gifts, thought books, sketch book, to baby books to journals, the possibilities are endless.

Part of this journals charm is being made from a previously loved book. It may have some bumps and bruises on it and may include a previous owners name.