Junk Monkey Glaze

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This is a great way to make cabinets, furniture or decor look warm, worn, unique, perhaps highlight its details and/or make it as grungy as you want! You control the final look! 16 OZ/Pint/Metal Paint Can. Apply over dry paint, or use on raw, natural wood as a stain. Low VOC. Water based. Lead free. Directions:Stir well. Brush colored glaze over your dry paint, doing one section at a time. Immediately, while your glaze is wet, use a damp piece of cheesecloth to wipe off. Work quickly. The longer glaze sits on your paint the more intense the effect will be. Wipe off glaze in long strokes in the same direction you applied your paint. Once your glaze is dry, be sure to seal with our Banana Peel Poly Acrylic or Monkey Shine Wax/Oil Finish.