Extra bond SPMP

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A water-based, V.O.C. free, low odor, non-toxic polymer additive for Milk Paint that greatly improves adhesion to non-porous surfaces including close-grained hardwoods.
When Extra Bond is added to Milk Paint, it improves adhesion to previously finished or other non-porous surfaces.  Use for surfaces such as glass, baked enamel, primed metal, laminate, oil or latex paint, varnished, shellacked or polyurethaned surfaces and many plastics.
Add Extra – Bond to previously painted or finished surfaces to improve adhesion.
– Environmentally safe.
– Simple to use (add to mixed milk paint, no extra steps).
– Easy soap and water clean up.
– 2 parts paint to one part extra bond.  Full instructions are on the package.
– Do not freeze!
– Do not apply below 60 degrees F.